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Sprinkler Installation and Repair

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Cedar Park Landscaping Pros specializes in sprinkler installation and repair. Call us today for a free consultation. One of our specialists will discuss your current issues and how we can help improve the quality of your landscape.


In order to have to best looking and most healthy yard, proper watering is paramount.  Vegetation receives nutrients from the sun, water and soil.  These three ingredients create the perfect recipe for your landscape to thrive.  At Cedar Park Landscaping Pros, we possess a keen understanding of what is required for local vegetation to blossom.  In addition, we believe that a properly functioning sprinkler system is essential to maintaining a beautiful yard. Our team of landscape artists is well versed in a variety of sprinkler systems, and we can recommend a system that is right for your property.  After a precise installation, we also offer a maintenance service that keeps your irrigation system in pristine condition.


Sprinkler System Benefits

The number one benefit a sprinkler system offers is convenience.  It is possible to stand outside with a hose for hours on end trying to water the yard. But this is not necessary when you have technology on your side.  Sprinkler systems provide the consistency that manual irrigation do not.  For example, it is likely that one area will receive more water than another.  With the proper irrigation system in place, every area of your landscape receives the hydration is needs.  Plus, the system can be programmed to give more water to the plants that need it, and less to the plants that are drought resistant.


Types of Sprinkler Systems

There are several types of sprinkler systems.  Most people are familiar with misty spray systems.  While these are common in Cedar Park, TX, they tend to be the most wasteful use of water.  Installed underground, the sprinkler head pops and sprays water up and over the ground. This generally occurs based on timing preferences programmed into the system.  The problem is that the water often evaporates before it has an opportunity to do any good.  Actually, soaker hoses conserve the most water.  Although they are not the fanciest irrigation system, they are known to be the most eco-friendly.  Water seeps through a porous membrane for optimum absorption.

Perhaps the best type of sprinkler system available is the drip irrigation system. These are becoming increasingly popular because they are very effective and so water efficient. Each drop of water is applied slowly, so that it completely soaks into the ground. This sprinkler system uses a fraction of the water that traditional systems consume. Of course, there several other options for sprinkler installation. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your landscaping irrigation.


sprinkler installation


Sprinkler System Maintenance

Fortunately, sprinkler systems are relatively low maintenance.  Once a system is installed and programmed for your property's unique needs, it is good to go.  Although this sounds easy, it’s important to check on your system periodically. This ensures that every component is operating as it should.  Routinely, and as needed, our landscape architects will unclog sprinkler heads, and repair or replace any components that are not working properly.  In addition, our team is experienced in setting up timer boxes and testing sensors.  We efficiently and effectively handle your sprinkler installation and repair needs.


Sprinkler Costs

When it comes to irrigation systems, you get what you pay for.  Our years of experience have taught us which systems are the most dependable and durable. Most importantly, we excel in proper sprinkler system installation. In order to properly care for your yard, it is essential for the system to be installed correctly.

Contact us to schedule a complimentary irrigation consultation.  Before a new system is installed, a thorough inspection is conducted.  Our landscape specialists analyze the vegetation, soil, amount of sunlight and human traffic.  We also take into account the importance of aesthetics.  All these details go into formulating the right sprinkler system for you.  We are happy to provide for a complete menu of services and fees upon request.


Contact Cedar Park Landscaping Pros for all your sprinkler installation and repair jobs.