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Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor lighting improves the look of all landscape designs. The professionals at Cedar Park Landscaping Pros specialize in outdoor lighting installation and repair. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss how outdoor lighting can improve your residential or commercial property.

Having a manicured and verdant lawn is a sight to behold.  Also, pruned shrubbery and trimmed trees is idyllic.  Additionally, flowers blooming and birds chirping are evident of a lush environment.  Perhaps water features trickling enhances your outdoor enjoyment.  Consider lighting as the icing on the cake.  Cedar Park Landscaping Pros is versed in the design and installation of lighting to enrich your outdoor enjoyment.  Landscape details are highlighted by expertly placed lighting.  Choose from an array of ambient lighting that also serves as a security measure.  Also,we specialize in energy efficient lighting for commercial and residential spaces.

Energy Efficiency

At Cedar Park Landscaping Pros, we pride ourselves in providing eco-friendly landscaping solutions.  Our efforts don’t cease when it comes to lighting.  Every aspect of our business takes the environment into account.  Enlist us to install energy efficient lighting for your front and backyard.  We are adept in working with homeowners and operations managers.  Contact us to install solar powered, outdoor lighting.  We receive plenty of sun in Cedar Park – enough to power ambient and security lighting year round.  Light your walk way, patio, deck, light features, trees and shrubbery with our assistance.

Lighting for Security

Pulling up to a poorly lit home is eerie.  There is a feeling that something or someone might be lurking in the bushes.  Having an alarm system is great but bolstering that with security lighting is even better.  Outdoor lighting is wonderful for an ambient effect.  For example, it enhances the architecture and draws attention to striking vegetation.  But it can serve double duty.  If you have an area on your property that can serve as a hiding place for unwanted intruders, contact us at your earliest convenience.  Our lighting team can install illumination for security that will beautify your landscape while also protecting your property.

Deter Unwanted Critters

Thwart those things that go bump in the night.  Possums, raccoons, rats, snakes and rats look for dark places to move about.  While humans are afraid of them, they are afraid of us.  Having adjusted to life in the city surrounded by homo sapiens sapiens, they have resorted to nocturnal habits.  Although it’s true that we must learn to share the planet, no one wants to host unwanted critters.  Ambient outdoor lighting lifts the veil off their hiding places.  Secure your home while creating an environment that is pleasing to the eye.  Schedule an appointment to speak with a lighting specialist.  After understanding your needs, we can design an environment suitable to your tastes.

Create an Optical Feast

Consider the frame of your home.  The roof of your house.  Think about the large oak tree.  Perhaps a striking water feature, or a stone paved walkway.  A blossoming flower bed, for example.  These things and more are enhanced with strategically placed ambient lighting.  Contact our lighting department to create an optical feast.  Lighting design can be installed for commercial shopping areas, professional office buildings, medical facilities, restaurants, single and multi family dwellings.  Enhance your curb appeal with lighting designed to elicit surprise and pleasure.  Draw attention to your commercial building after the sun has set.  Stand out from the fray with outdoor lighting designed for your enjoyment.