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Contact Cedar Park Landscaping Pros for all your landscaping, lawn care, sprinkler installation, outdoor illumination, and drainage projects!

Cedar Park, TX is run amuck with fly-by-night gardeners and landscapers.  Each one promising to be better and cheaper than the rest.  It can be difficult to discern who to trust.  Select landscape artists who are passionate about their life’s work.  Landscaping isn’t a means to an end, it is what vitalizes and gives us a sense of purpose.  Our professional goals bleed into our personal efforts and propel us to keep fighting and creating eco-friendly landscape ideas and tools.


Mowing Services

When you are in need of short or long term lawn mowing services, give us a call.  We’d be happy to extend a regular maintenance agreement or arrive once or twice as needed. Our crews are thorough and efficient. We have your lawn mowed in the time it takes you to ready the equipment to do the job. Get your weekends back and let us to the yard work.


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Outdoor Lighting

Cedar Park Landscaping Pros specialize in exterior illumination. Therefore, if you are in need of exterior lighting for security or beautification purposes, contact us for a free consultation. We will discuss your desires for the style of lights and placement of the light system. We are conveniently located in Cedar Park, TX for prompt service.


Drainage Issues

Drainage issues will result in a slow death of your grass and plants.  Everything will suffer, from the foundation of your home to to your trees.  Enlist Cedar Park Landscaping Pros for landscape drainage correction.  We use tried and true scientific approaches to remedy any drainage issues you may have.


Sprinkler Installation

Water is essential to keep your plants, trees, and flowers alive and looking their best. Therefore, having a properly working sprinkler system is key to successfully maintaining your property. If your current sprinkler system is in need of repair, contact us. Our irrigation team will conduct an in depth analysis of your property to determine the problem with the system and the best solution.


Contact us today for all your landscaping projects.