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Services-Cedar Park Landscaping Pros

Cedar Park Landscaping Pros provides all the services you need to care for your residential or commercial property.

In Cedar Park, TX, we are blessed with lots of land.  As a result, the average home is surrounded by a yard providing functionality and beauty. For example, some of our clients are blessed with lovely lawns as far as the eye can see.  However, such green luxury requires careful planning and regular maintenance. Cedar Park Landscaping Pros provides the services you need for this and more.


Our Design Team

Our design team comes to your property, listens to your ideas and desires, and develops a plan to give you the look you want. Discuss with us your concerns and dreams. Our mission is to make your vision for your property comes to life. Our designers are the best in the business, all with extensive experience. Plus, working with us means you have access to the knowledge and artistry of a top notch landscaping crew. We happily share our ideas and advice on what can be created for your yard. Landscaping is easier than you imagine when partnering with Cedar Park Landscaping Pros!



We are well known throughout the Central Texas region for landscaping artistry and dependable services. Our technique is organic, eco-friendly and will complement your existing architecture. Additionally, you can rest assured that your family and pets are safe on your yard. This is because we incorporate solutions that work with the environment, and not against it. Plus, we thoroughly explain the steps we take to nurture and grow your property into the beautiful place you desire, you. Also, you no longer need to worry about things like fertilization, mulching, aeration, and hydration.  The efficiency and experience of our crews manage all aspects of your property to the highest of standards. Not only will you have the yard of your dreams, you will do none of the heavy lifting. Cedar Park Landscaping Pros will handle all your landscaping needs while you spend time doing what you enjoy most.


Cedar Park TX Landscaping



Schedule an appointment for a complimentary irrigation consultation.  If you need a sprinkler system, look no further than Cedar Park Landscaping Pros.  We are a full service landscaping company, and our irrigation team is well versed in sprinkler installation and repair.  For example, we make sure that your sprinkler heads are not clogged, sensors are functioning correctly, and every square inch of grass is receiving the appropriate amount of water it needs. In addition to this, we also repair all broken parts of your sprinkler system.


Drainage Issues

If you notice small puddles of water forming throughout your property, this most likely is a sign of drainage issues.  Don't delay in contacting Cedar Park Landscaping Pros for drainage correction. Standing water not only kills plants and breeds mosquitoes; it can cause serious damage to the foundation of your home or patio.  Our team is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and devices to eliminate drainage problems for commercial and residential properties. Therefore, Cedar Park Landscaping Pros is the place to call for all your drainage issues.


Our landscaping services include: