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Lawn Care

Lawn Care Cedar Park

Cedar Park Landscaping Pros is the company to call for all your lawn care needs!

Cedar Park, Texas is known for its expansive landscapes and verdant lawns.  With today’s modern lifestyle, a lawn care is too much to handle on your own.  It’s okay to ask for help.  Balancing your personal and professional life can prove to be overwhelming and finding the time to maintain your lawn adds to your list of things to do.  Contact Cedar Park Landscaping Pros to assist with lawn mowing and hydration.  We can also help with raking and soil aeration.  Enlist us for planned fertilization and re-seeding.  Our team will keep your lawn in order with strategic pest control and consistent care.


Mowing & Hydration

Believe it or not, lawn mowing is an art.  You can train a person to push a lawn mower across the lawn, but to create ornamental geometric patterns requires skill, patience and experience.  Enlist Cedar Park Landscaping Pros to enhance your curb appeal.  Texas heat is legendary.  It can scorch a well watered lawn in a matter of hours.  It’s important to maintain an appropriate level of hydration throughout all seasons.  Contact us to keep your lawn looking great with perfectly calibrated irrigation systems.  We don’t just water and go.  Our landscape artists provide hydration based on the type of grass, time of year and soil in place.


Raking & Aeration

Most people don’t mind mowing the lawn so much.  It’s the raking that requires the most time and energy.  This is where we come in.  You don’t have to concern yourself with doing dirty yard work.  Our team is perfectly capable of doing the heavy lifting.  We use lawn mowers that captures nearly every blade of grass while it is being cut.  Experienced landscape artists take their time to gather any remaining grass that might be left behind.  For optimum growth aeration must be conducted periodically.  We provide aeration services so that vital nutrients can access the soil and roots.


Landscaping Cedar Park TX


Fertilizing & Re-Seeding

We don’t have to tell you how hot it gets in Cedar Park.  Although we experience four seasons, each of them can be quite drastic from one month to the next.  Periodic fertilization is imperative for a verdant, healthy lawn.  We use nitrogen rich fertilizer in the fall.  By spring vegetation emerges in pristine condition.  The best time to fertilize most lawns is in the spring and fall.  Our team will analyze the type of grass and soil on your premises to create a specified fertilization plan.  After a scorching summer and frost bitten winter, re-seeding becomes a necessary part of the process.  It allows seeds to germinate to emerge anew in the spring.


Pest Control & Consistency

Snakes, lizards, vegetation eating insects and rodents can wreak havoc on your lawn.  We take a humane approach congruent with the eco-system to rid your garden of unwanted critters.  Your pets and children are safe with our proven pest control techniques.  Consistency is key when maintaining your lawn.  Allow us to assist with all your lawn care needs.  Relax on the weekend and enjoy time with your loved ones.  You don’t have to do everything on your own.  If you have a particular problem with insects infesting your plants, give us a call to come up with a viable solution.