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Cedar Park
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Landscaping Cedar Park, TX


Welcome to Cedar Park Landscaping Pros! We specialize in Cedar Park TX landscaping, Cedar Park TX lawn care, lawn mowing Cedar Park TX, sprinkler installations and repairs.  In addition, we are experts when it comes to building a drainage solution for your landscape. Ours is a landscaping company in Cedar Park TX comprised of a highly trained crew of bonafide tree-huggers.  We take an organic approach in everything we do.  Instead of using toxic insecticides to rid your lawn of unwanted critters, we have developed an eco-friendly solution to keep them at bay.

About Us

Our clients in Cedar Park TX appreciate the wealth of knowledge we bring to the table and how willing we are to share tips and tricks that work. In addition, one of the things people love most is we are passionate about our work.  It shows in everything we do. Our services include: landscaping, lawn care, lawn mowing, tree trimming, drainage installation, sprinkler installation and repair, and more! From how we sow kind words into your flowers to how we whistle while we work.  The evidence is manifested in how your grass grows.  Customers with small residential gardens and those with expansive commercial landscapes boast verdant greenery as a result of our strategic tender loving care.

Cedar Park Landscaping Pros offers beautiful and quality landscaping for your home!  Whether you have the layout of your landscaping completely designed or you would like our design specialists to assist you, you'll be pleased with our customer service, speed of service, and quality results.  Therefore, call us today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate! We are number one for residential landscaping in Cedar Park, Texas and the surrounding areas.


Landscaping Services
Additionally, our landscape design consultants meet with you to help you plan out everything you need and want. They talk over your ideas and help you determine the best plan based on an inspection of your property.  Depending on your desired timeline and budget, our specialists from present you a detailed proposal and drawing, and plan the installation process. Also, we conduct a discussion whether you desire residential landscaping to be completed in stages or all at once.  If you live in Cedar Park, Texas and are ready to begin your residential landscaping design, call today!
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It has been a pleasure to provide superior landscaping services to the businesses and residents of Cedar Park, TX for many years.  You can trust that our team offers the best landscaping, lawn care, tree care, and lawn mowing services.


    Our Services

    As a comprehensive landscaping company, Cedar Park Landscaping Pros provides a myriad of services including, landscape Cedar Park, lawn mowing Cedar Park TX, rock-scaping, landscaping design and backyard landscaping.  In addition, we are well known for our attentive lawn care services and sprinkler repair Cedar Park. If you suspect that your property has drainage issues, contact us right away to get things in order.  Poor drainage can lead to foundation damage and the slow suffocation of your plants.  Additionally, drainage problems can result in the accumulation of mosquitoes from stagnant water.  Also, consider outdoor lighting for security and beautification purposes.  We use solar illumination to highlight gorgeous trees, stunning architecture and striking water features.

    Our professional teams gladly visits your property in and around the Cedar Park area to offer free initial consultations and estimates.  Whether your flower beds are looking for a makeover or you're hoping to create a new, beautiful arrangements, we design and install them to your satisfaction. We present a beautiful, classic look or a more unique design for your landscape.

    Outdoor Kitchens

    These are rising in popularity, and our stone masons are experienced specialists that help you plan the perfect outdoor kitchen for your space.  Our professionals will help you determine the best materials that can withstand the elements of the weather and yet still be affordable and beautiful.  We talk through exactly what you want for your outdoor kitchen space. Perhaps a prepping area, brick oven, pizza oven, storage shelf or outdoor cabinets for your outdoor space. Consider adding a grill, bar, cooler or compact refrigerator, and more! Additionally, explore the different materials that we use such as brick, stucco, stone work, wood, composite decking, stainless steel, concrete, tile and other outdoor kitchen materials. Our design team assists you in finding the style you want - rustic, modern, seamless, family style, industrial, and so many more options for your outdoor kitchen in Cedar Park, Texas.


    Walkways and Patios
    Cedar Park Landscaping Pros is excited to help you determine what kind of walkway or pathway and patio you would like.  Our beautiful stone work for walkways, and patios will amaze you!  Stonework, concrete, pebble mosaic, sandstone paving, flagstone, clay bricks and tile are only a few options for your new patio and walkway or pathway.
    For matters of green lawns, we offer sod installation in the Cedar Park, Texas area.  Call to discuss our healthy, seamless sod installation process. This labor intensive project is best handled by the pros. We analyze the type of topsoil and the soil below to determine the best plan for your quality sod installation.
    Hardscaping and Xeriscaping
    In addition, our specialists excel in hardscaping and xeriscaping for your residential property.  Depending on the type of space that you have, the time you have for maintenance, and the plans you have for using your residential property, hardscaping and xeriscaping can add a significant amount of personal and financial value to your property.  Call our hardscaping and xeriscaping professionals to set up an appointment for a free consultation to discuss the benefits of hardscaping and xeriscaping for your yard as well as a free estimate regarding your residential project.

    Services-Cedar Park Landscaping Pros

    Commercial Services

    We are the #1 commercial landscaper in Cedar Park and the surrounding area! Our professionals offer different levels of landscaping maintenance for your commercial landscaping needs. High quality grounds management and improvement should be expected in a landscaping company. Call now for a free consultation and estimate. Our customer service, availability, and pricing will impress you. Additionally, the results week after week of our grounds management and improvement services will become something you can count on!

    Commercial landscaping design and development needs are completed to your satisfaction with us.  Discuss with our professionals whether you need landscaping, hardscaping, xeriscaping, or a combination.
    Count on our experts to make your walkways, patios, and decks beautiful, functional, professional, and safe! Talk to an expert to determine the best materials for your commercial landscaping projects - stoneware, concrete, wood, and more. We'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you make the best decision for your commercial property.
    Additionally, we know the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property is important. Therefore, Cedar Park Landscaping Pros helps you develop an attractive design for flower beds, plants, and trees. We also professionally install high quality sod.  You'll be impressed with the results and pleased with our continued maintenance that keeps your commercial landscaping looking great all year!
    Additionally, our team offers attractive and practical retaining walls for your commercial property. If your property has drainage issues, call Cedar Park Landscaping Pros today for a free quote!


    Sprinkler Repair Cedar Park TX

    Charming lawns and gardens is the gift that keeps on giving.  The only caveat is that these verdant lawns must be maintained on a regular basis.  Instead of calling and hoping to be squeezed into an appointment, consider establishing a landscape agreement with us.  This way, you won’t even have to think about it.  We will send you a text reminding you that we are on the way.  Landscaping services are available for commercial entities, home owners and renters.

    Cedar Park TX Landscaping

    At Cedar Park Landscaping Pros lawn mowing Cedar Park TX is a small fraction of what we do.  We incorporate technical skill with a flair for all things green to render a master piece.  Our team can detect exactly what your lawn needs within a quick glance.  We provide lawn aerator, hydration, fertilization and mulching services for clients as needed.

    Set of automatic sprinklers watering fresh grass

    If you have a sprinkler system, it’s not doing your plants any good if it is not operating at peak condition.  This means that all the heads must be unclogged and functioning.  Additionally, there should be very little overlap when it comes to hydrating your lawn.  The sensors must be operating properly and the motherboard should be set efficiently.  Therefore, enlist Cedar Park Landscaping Pros to maintain and repair your sprinkler system.  We work with sprinkler lawns and provide installation services.

    “I was searching for landscaping near me.  It took some time, but I finally had to admit to myself that I was either too busy or didn’t have the time to maintain my yard in a way that met my standards.  Fortunately, I found Cedar Park Landscaping Pros, and a burden was immediately lifted.” – Derrick P.

    Lawn Care Cedar Park TX

    “I was asking around for lawn services near me.  My neighbor suggested I contact Cedar Park Landscaping Pros.  They arrived the same day and took care of my drainage issues in no time.  They also spruced up my garden and gave me tips to grow on.” – Amy L.

    Cedar Park Landscaping Pros - Landscape Drainage 1

    “I needed lawn care near me.  Once I signed the lease for my new salon, I knew that the exterior would look significantly better if the lawn was upgraded and maintained.  Cedar Park Landscaping Pros did a great job of enhancing my curb appeal which resulted in increased foot traffic.” – Heidi D.

    Fire Pit and Patio Cedar Park TX

    Cedar Park Landscaping Pros provides drainage correction for commercial and residential clients.  Drainage correction is defined as any treatment that effects how water drains on your property.  You may have noticed puddles of water throughout your landscape.  This is either a sewage problem or the result of poor drainage.  It is imperative that you nip this in the bud to prevent foundation damage and plant suffocation.  With us, there is no guess work involved.  We take a scientific approach when it comes to landscape drainage solutions.

    Cedar Park Landscaping Pros - Landscape Drainage 2

    If you are on the market for a lawn mowing Cedar Park service, look no further than Cedar Park Landscaping Pros.  Experience carefree lawn mowing with a scheduled mowing agreement.  Our team possesses the capacity to mow modest residential gardens and expansive commercial lawns.  We have invested in technologically advanced equipment designed to reduce the amount of time it takes per client, without detracting from the attention to detail.  Therefore, contact us for a list of references from business and residential clients.

    Cedar Park Landscaping Pros - Lawn Mowing 2

    Create an optical feast with outdoor lighting.  We have plenty of ideas for outdoor lighting in store for you.  Experience outdoor lighting solar and unique outdoor lighting fixtures that complement your existing architecture.  Deter unwanted critters with night illumination activated by motion sensors.  Keep your property secure from trespassing and burglaries with strategic lighting for your walkways, dark corners and blind spots.  Take energy efficiency to the maximum with lighting powered by the sun.

    Cedar Park Landscaping Pros - Outdoor Lighting 2

    Cedar Park is a fun place to visit and live. Thirty miles from Austin TX, Cedar Park is a booming place. The HEB Center is in the area and it is an entertainment and sports venue like no other! It is home to the Austin Spurs Basketball Team and the Texas Stars Hockey team. Additionally many concerts are held at the HEB Center. Also, Cedar Park TX has a world-class facility designed for sports, training, and entertainment. The Crossover is home to Chapparal Ice and offers ice skating, hockey, curling and so much more. Therefore, Cedar Park TX, is an ideal place for athletic people and sports lovers to work and play!


    When you are in need of Cedar Park landscaping, lawn mowing Cedar Park TX, Cedar Park lawn mowing, or sprinkler repair Cedar Park, contact Cedar Park Landscaping Pros via phone or email.  Consider us your go-to landscapers for all things green.  We love what we do and it shows through the beautiful landscapes we create.  Check us out on Facebook.  There you can see before and after pictures of beautiful lawns, flower beds, creative water features and unique illumination. Watch our how-to videos and meet the green thumbs behind the luxurious landscapes dotted across Cedar Park.  Shoot us a direct message with any questions or comments.  We are happy to share sage advice when it comes to keeping plants healthy and happy.