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About Us

About Us Cedar Park Landscaping Pros
About Us

We invite you to learn about us! Cedar Park Landscaping Pros is the #1 landscaping company in Cedar Park and the surrounding areas. It is our pleasure to maintain your regular landscaping needs, as well as design a new landscape design for your property. We are a locally owned and operated company, providing exceptional and personable customer service. Therefore, when you you contact Cedar Park Landscaping Pros, you speak with someone who cares about your questions and requests. In addition, we are happy to offer quotes for our services. If your situation is unique and requires a consultation, we gladly offer that free of charge. Call us for a quote today!


Our Philosophy

As long time landscapers of Central Texas and the Austin area, we believe we have a fiduciary duty to our clients to provide the best services possible.  Also, aside from a professional obligation, we truly enjoy what we do.  It’s difficult to work with plants and not feel peace and tranquility.  As a result, we feel revitalized and confirmed that we have a sense of purpose with each project we complete.  Digging our hands deep within Texas soil is a reminder that we all come from the earth and it is our duty to care for the place where we live.


Our Results

You will find that Cedar Park Landscaping Pros is the bridge between ordinary gardeners and landscape architects.  We blend technical skill with artistry.  The final result is an aesthetic that exceeds your expectations. Therefore, you receive the highest quality work, whether we are mowing your yard, fertilizing the soil, or installing a new drainage system. The standards we set for new landscape design are the same for all our projects. When you hire the best, you get the best!


Our History

After so many years in business, we have garnered clients in both commercial and residential sectors.  We keep residential properties looking pristine with our landscape management services. You are sure to have lovely green grass when we oversee the watering system and fertilization of your yard.

In addition, our team of experienced landscape artists install gorgeous outdoor landscaping for retail shopping areas and office parks.  We use our talents to beautify medical offices, libraries and restaurants with a variety of plants and flowering bushes that are native to the area.

No matter the size of the project, our team creates thriving and eye catching landscape design for every property we touch.

Cedar Park Landscaping Pros

Our company is a full service landscaping operation.  We provide free consultations, expert landscape design, installation and maintenance.  If you have drainage issues, call us immediately. Our team will assess the situation and offer our professional opinion to fix the problems. In addition, we are experts in selecting the best water features that complement existing architecture and surrounding greenery. You may also want to consider installing outdoor lighting on your property. Exterior lighting provides security and further enhances the beauty of the yard.


Contact us today to discuss the variety of services Cedar Park Landscaping Pros offers. We are looking forward to speaking with you!